About Us

We are Troop 777 of Manhattan.  The Boy Scouts of America is organized into geographic regions, managed by a “Council,” which in turn are composed of troops.  A troop is an organizational unit of boy scouts.

Troop 777 is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, located at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament which is where weekly meetings are held.

Troop 777 is part of the Greater New York Council, also called the Big Apple Council.

Why Troop 777?

It’s all about getting the scouts to take on the responsibility of learning skills and advancing!

What we do:

  • Try new things and have fun.
  • Provide service to our community.
  • Learn skills and build self-confidence.
  • Reinforce ethical standards.
  • Develop practical leadership skills.

Scouting provides youth with a sense that they are important as individuals. It is gives our youth a chance to take responsibility in an environment where it’s OK to fail. Scouting promotes activities that lead to personal responsibility and high self-esteem. As a result, when hard decisions have to be made, peer pressure can be resisted and the right choices can be made.

As the Scouts progress and gain experience, they will be required to lead and teach their peers. Scouting is a unique experience for our boys to be given responsibility reinforced with strong ethical training and civic responsibility.

Acclimating New Scouts

Scouting can be a little bit confusing at first. There is a lot to learn in the beginning. How is the Troop organized? What do we do as Scouts? How do I advance? The troop elects a senior Scout to serve in the role of Troop Guide. The Troop Guide will teach the new boys basic scouting skills and help them through the process of climbing to First Class Scout in their first year of Scouting.

Patrol Method

Patrols are the building blocks of a Boy Scout troop. A patrol is a small group of boys who are similar in age, development, and interests. Once a year each Patrol elects a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader. As the Troop grows, the boys will select a Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. The Patrol is how the scouts organize themselves and their duties on outings and activities.

A Boy Scout Troop is boy lead. The Patrol Leader Council (SPL, ASPL, PL, APL and Troop Guide) in consultation with their adult leaders set the agenda for the scout meetings and troop outings. At Troop 777 we believe every boy should get a chance to serve in a leadership position and we rotate leadership on a regular basis.


Meetings are Thursdays, 6:30-8:00pm in the basement of Blessed Sacrament School, 140 W. 70th Street (north side of 70th street just off of Broadway). Occasionally, we will meet at Central Park or Riverside Park, but we will let you know via e-mail in advance.


We try to give the boys as much opportunity as possible to utilize and build on the skills they are developing by getting them into an outdoor setting. As a troop, we will try to camp one weekend per month. Some camping trips will be close by at Alpine Scout Camp, for others we will be travelling in the tri-state area to other Boy Scout camp sites.

Service Projects

Occasionally, the Troop will participate in organized volunteer activities. In the past, the Troop has help to change the sand in a playground in Riverside Park, helped to hand out meals to the homeless (with adult supervision), marched in the Veterans Day parade and many many others. Volunteer activities is usually left to the discretion of the Scout and their parents, but higher level Scout ranks will require that our Scouts complete a number of hours of service projects culminating in their Eagle Scout Project.