Be Prepared

The scout motto is “Be prepared.” A scout must have the required gear to make scouting a safe and fun experience.  Having adequate gear is the responsibility of each and every scout.

Chapter 9 of the Scout Handbook has a list of gear (on page 268.)

The list can look daunting, especially if you have no experience scouting or camping, but have no fear, we are here to help!

Aside from getting everything (you might not need to purchase everything day 1,) you might have questions in selecting each among the myriad of choices.

Also, some gear is provided by the patrol, and therefore not necessary that each scout own everything.

Proceed like this

  • First, what are the essentials needed for all scouting activities, to at least attend meetings.
  • Second, what gear is the basic list of equipment for camping (including winter camping.)
  • Thirdly, what about the 10 essentials?  As your scout builds out his gear, he should look to be very prepared for outdoor survival.
  • Finally, there are lots of nice-to-haves the more active your scout becomes.

Gear Suggestions

There is no one piece of gear that will be right for everyone.  We provide some suggestions for gear that might be worth considering.  We’ve included links to Amazon, but we encourage you to shop around and consider all options – especially the free ones.   And don’t be afraid to ask for help (a scout is helpful, after all.)

Essential for all scout meetings
Basic Gear